Dental Drama…

So I had to go to the dentist this morning… AAAAAaaaa!!!  I’ve NEVER had any cavities before…no dental work other than braces as a kid and my wisdom teeth out the summer before I went to KU. I’m lucky…I’ve got good choppers. But just the thought of having this kind of dental work made me have flashbacks of that movie with Steve Martin as The Dentist in Little Shop of Horrors.

Technically, I still don’t have any cavities, but long story short, I had my gallbladder removed in March of last year (2012) and had a HORRIBLE time recovering from that. I’m just starting to have more good days, than bad (a year and 8 months later)! I got down to 87 lbs (before the surgery…that’s WHY I needed the surgery…could hardly keep any food down…SCARY, indeed)…granted at 5’3 1/2″, I’ve never weighed 100 lbs practically my whole life, but 87 was a bit too tiny even for me.

My doctor said my recovery from the gallbladder removal is more difficult for ‘skinny’ people?! Great. Yet another downfall of being tiny. Yes, being skinny isn’t all it’s cracked up to be sometimes…clothes shopping for example. I LOVE to shop for clothes, but Oh How frustrating to go try on pants or jeans (size 0) and they are STILL too big. “Do you have pants in ‘negative’ sizes?…No…Ok.” Guess I need to try shopping at Baby Gap.

Ok…I digress. The dentist…yes. With the removal of my gallbladder…I had HORRIBLE acid reflux. Not just a little heartburn, but full on “I feel like I’m having a heart attack”-heartburn!! No seriously, I’m sure this is a heart attack!! Yucky and slightly unnerving. I don’t recommend it. This glorious acid reflux damaged my teeth. Boooo!! I had a bunch of areas all along the gumline on the back of my upper teeth. Oh joy!! And one particular ‘lucky’ tooth needed to be crowned. I started to get excited as I always wanted to be a Princess and I really do come from Scottish Royalty (as I discovered last summer when digging around trying find out more about my grandma’s father (my great grandpa…that my family never knew much about) , so I thought “Woohoo…here’s my chance!” But to my dismay…a ‘crown’ is not something you want in the dental world. Nuts.

My dentist is truly the best. I walked in absolutely terrified. All the ‘panic’ thoughts floating through my brain. Will it hurt? What if they try to ‘crown’ the wrong tooth? What if the good ol numbing juice doesn’t work? What if I need to sneeze? Will I feel the drilling? What if the numbing stuff last too long? Can I still floss my teeth after the work is done? Obsessive brushers/flossers…raise your hand. Me! Me! Me! My dentist sat down with me and explained everything in detail of what was about to happen. Answered all my questions, then placed headphones on my ears and started one of my fav movies for me to watch, Sixteen Candles. Ha! I tried to get lost in the struggles of Samantha Baker and snicker at ‘The Donger’, but truth be told, it was a little hard to focus on the movie with all the drilling going on. Did she find oil in there with all that drilling?! That noise was awful! The noise was somewhat muted by the headphones. Then, I smell something burning and realize that burning smell was coming out of MY mouth. She’s burning my teeth?! What the… Help! Get me outta this chair!!!

Halfway through all this drilling, she must had nicked my gumline on the back side of my tooth because it about shot me outta the chair. She bumped it again and by this point it was starting to throb. I thought that was strange because she had numbed me well…or so I thought. I’m 38…not 4 years old, but I couldn’t stop a couple tears from falling from my eyes. I was trying to be brave and hoped she hadn’t seen that. But thankfully, she did and she stopped drilling for oil. She instantly calmed me and decided to give me another little shot of numbing juice on that back side of the tooth. OUCH! Now that pinched a bit, but it definitely helped with the pain.

Before I knew it, she was raising up the chair and had pulled her camera out. Little did I know she hadn’t put the temp crown in yet. I had better not find those photos on FB as that ‘uncrowned’ tooth was not my best look. She said she took that photo to make sure to match the color. Uh…ok? She really zoomed in on my teeth, so my face isn’t in the photo. Whew! I let her know she was free to post on FB.

Then the weird part. She shoved this tray of goo in my mouth and told me to bite down. It felt like I was biting down on silly putty. Then a few minutes later she told me to open my mouth and release the tray. Slight moment of panic when I couldn’t get my mouth to open. She had to help wiggle the tray to get it unstuck. Then she popped the temp crown on and I was good to go. The whole experience wasn’t nearly as bad as I had built it up in my mind to be. The numbing injections weren’t bad either as she put a numbing gel on it first, so I didn’t even feel that…well…except for that second one.

The numb lips/face part is a strange sensation too. I took a drink of my water in my car after my appointment and drooled all over myself. Where’s a bib when you need one?! The numbness went away about a few hours later and I was able to eat and drink again. I’m going to baby that side with the temp crown as I was told it could fall out if you aren’t careful. With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, it would be just my luck to have it fall out and their office would be closed!! Come on Dec 15!!! When I get my PERMANENT crown! Oh and a few more little fillings. ew. But at least I know what to expect…


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